Nutrition Counseling 


I offer a variety of nutrition counseling services to help you make changes towards living a healthier life - your healthiest life. Are you concerned about your weight? Do you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure and are unsure of how to improve your health? Are you worried about your blood sugar levels, your triglycerides or any other lab values? Do you have IBS and struggle with food choices at meals and while dining out? Then let me help you make changes to improve your health.


Medical Nutrition Therapy 

  • Weight Management

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Food Sensitivities

  • IBS

Weight & Performance Nutrition


  • Body composition

  • Weight loss

  • Muscle gain

  • Fat loss

  • Performance improvement


I can help you modify your diet and lifestyle so that you feel and perform at your very best. Let's work together and find out what works for YOU -  for your body, your lifestyle and your preferences so that you can start living your healthiest life right now!

Get to Know Me! - Free 15 Minute Phone Session

Unsure of whether you want to invest in a nutrition counseling package or pay for a session? Or not quite sure of what to expect or even if you want to work with me? No worries - Contact Me! I offer a free 15 minute phone session so that we can discuss your goals and needs, and determine if you would benefit from my services. You can get to know me, see if you are comfortable working with me and then we can determine which services would best suit your needs!

Start-Up Special


Need help with getting a jump-start on your healthy and weight management goals? Well then let me get you started and accountable!

In order to succeed with any goals, you have to (A) know your baseline - i.e where you are starting from, (B) have defined goals for where you want to be, and (C) have a concrete plan that will get you from A to B.That's where I come in - to help get you from A to B, with C. 

The Start-Up Special includes a 60-75 minute nutrition consult during which we will do an initial assessment, review your current diet and your food preferences, discuss your weight goals and exercise habits, and develop a meal plan with customized macros to help you meet your goals. We will check in after a week to adjust the meal plan and macros as needed.


Note: During the assessment you will get a breakdown of exactly how much protein, carbohydrate and fat you should aim for daily to help you meet your goals!

Start-Up Special:  $150

One Month Coaching Package


This package includes a 60 minute initial assessment, custom meal plan, three 30-minute follow up sessions via phone, with macro adjustments as needed, plus email support for the entire month. 


During the initial assessment, we will review your current dietary and lifestyle habits, any medical issues of concern, and your goals. Together we will discuss ideas for meals, snacks and dietary modifications based on your preferences, and develop a weekly meal plan with custom macros tailored specifically for you. The focus will be on making changes that work with your lifestyle and schedule in order to help you achieve your goals. During the follow up sessions we will check in on your success, address any questions/concerns and make any necessary modifications to your meals and macros for the upcoming week.


Value: $299  

Three Month Coaching Package

This package is similar to the one month package, but includes a 60 minute initial assessment, a custom meal plan, eight 30 minute follow up sessions via phone with macro adjustments as needed, plus email support for 3 months.


During the initial assessment we will review your goals, your current dietary and lifestyle habits and any medical issues of concern. We will discuss ideas for meals, snacks and dietary modifications based on your preferences, and develop a meal plan with custom macros tailored specifically for you. We will schedule regular check-ins during the course of the three months , and adjust your macros and meal plan as needed to help you achieve your goals.  


Value: $850

Diet Review & Macros


Track your intake for 3-5 days and email me a summary (from a tracking App).  I will review your log and provide an analysis of your meals, including any nutrients you may be lacking, suggestions for meeting those needs, and a recommendation for optimal macronutrient targets for you - amounts of protein, carbohydrate and fat to meet your needs and goals.


Value $75

Please Note:

  • I do not currently accept insurance. However, I can provide with you a bill if you would like to submit a healthcare claim for reimbursement, but there is no guarantee it will be approved.

  • Nutrition Counseling sessions take place in person if you are located in the NYC area,  before/after work, either at your office or a mutually agreed location. Follow-up sessions are via phone or Skype and are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time and date

  • Payment is due at the time of service via Paypal, cash or check. Unfortunately I do not accept credit cards at the current time.

  • You are responsible for using all follow up sessions purchased! 

  • As a courtesy, please provide 24 hours notice (via email or phone call) if you are unable to keep an appointment. This works both ways - if for any reason I am unable to meet with you, I will provide ample notice (over 24 hours).