Corporate Wellness


Healthy employees are happy and motivated employees! Does your corporation have an Employee Wellness Program? Are you looking for Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling Services for your employees?


Then look no further!


I currently provide the following services to help promote employee health:


  • On-Site Nutrition Consultations with employees during Health Fairs or Employee Wellness Days

  • On-site Nutrition Consults before/after work and/or during lunch breaks

  • Lunch-n-Learn Sessions on a variety of topics:

    • Nutrition Fundamentals

    • Healthy Meals for Busy Schedules

    • Dining Out Healthfully

    • Healthy Eating on a Budget

    • Goal-Setting for Optimal Health

    • Understanding Lab Values and What to Do About Them


Looking for something slightly different? Then Contact Me and we can discuss your needs and how my services can best meet them. Promoting the health and wellness of your employees is one of the best benefits you can provide them!


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