About Me


Welcome! I'm Farah - a New York City based Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Masters in Food and Nutrition, and a Masters in Fine Art. I've worked in a variety of fields, and prior to becoming a dietitian I worked as an IT Consultant in Columbus Ohio, Washington DC and New York.


I made a mid-life career change because I'm really passionate about promoting good health through good nutrition and exercise. I know from experience that working in the corporate world and the healthcare setting can be stressful, overwhelming and exhausting, and my goal is to help you make changes towards a healthier self - your best self.  


I have experience working as a clinical dietitian with a variety of health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, GI issues and weight management. I also have experience providing nutrition counseling to promote mindful eating and awareness. I currently continue to work as a part-time clinical dietitian, and am also an Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY.




My Philosophy

Life is too short to waste! We often have good intentions of cleaning up our diet, exercising on a regular basis or planning out healthy meals for the week - but then work, life, chores, errands and long commutes happen and we put things off for another day.


I can help you start making those changes today - in an easy, affordable and convenient manner.

Start living your best life, your healthiest life right now - let me show you how!